Touch’d is a mobile-only, Android-first personal social assistant. It empowers you to keep in touch with your most important relationships. The problem Touch’d is solving is usually described as the ‘alone together’ problem: that we’re all the more connected, but all the less in touch. In a way, it’s a symptom of being ‘too connected’.

On average, people have between 500-1000 connections across different mediums (phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), whereas on average a person has about 150 people with which one can maintain stable meaningful relationships (reference: Dunbar Number). Is it any wonder that people regularly feel that they’re unable to keep in touch with those that really matter, even with all the social networking tools at their disposal.

Touch’d lets you cut through all the clutter and identify your most important relationships, and then it learns from your behavior and keeps identifying opportune moments to stay or get back in touch. Relationships are like fragile saplings. If you don’t nurture them, they wither and die. And our mantra is never to let that happen to you.